Minnesota Real Estate Forecast for 2016

Hot spots are Minneapolis first tier suburbs like St Louis Park and Richfield are hot, St Cloud, Duluth and keep an eye on Rochester with the Mayo Clinic’s global health initiative, an innovative economic development plan. www.dmc.mn Millenials and seniors are moving in close to transportation, there the new Green Line light rail connecting the downtowns of Minneapolis and St

Tracking Dance Steps

I used to own a national magazine for 20 years called DANCING USA, started it in 1980. After buying several rental properties, I decided it was time to sell the magazine. I prepared a prospectus as I was marketing the magazine for sale– incidentally – that business plan was more detailed than what I’d operated with over the years. It

Faith over Fear

Have you ever felt stuck or undecided about which direction to go? Most people find themselves in situations at the junction of faith and fear often. The trouble is usually it’s the fear that is most prominent. Fear is an ugly thing. It can grow quickly, shows up in the most gruesome way, usually is rooted in our past and

66…Why Not 46

We all have limits or certain standards that we generally operate within. These could encompass everyday things like doing the dishes right after you eat or leaving them until the morning. Preparing a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper in a favorite chair each morning. Exercising at 6:30 am weekdays may be your routine. Always saying I love you

To Not Decide Is to Choose

We are faced with decisions everyday. The day begins with when to get up, what to eat, to exercise or not and goes on with hundreds of points to make choices until we go to bed at night. Sometimes, it is overwhelming and the decisions are put off, to be decided at a later time, maybe tomorrow. With the speed

Tune Up Or Lose Out

Do you take the time to develop quality relationships with forward thinking businesses or friends that can escalate your growth or do you hang out with the same old people? You are who you hang out with. Really, take a look at the five people you spend your most time with, can you learn from them, are they progressive or

Plan It Or Wing It

A plan is something you put in place to adjust – it sets intent. Believe it or not, most people operate without a well defined plan, they “wing” it, fly by the seat of their pants or rely on street smarts. For some, that works, but for most, there is a better or more successful road. Make a plan for

Big Shifts Lead to New Life

Whoa….I’m moving and changing BIG TIME and wanted to let you know the skinny on what’s up. Not just one area of my life has shifted, but ALL areas. Could be stressful, but thanks to a positive attitude and the wisdom of age, it’s all in a day’s work. HERE FOR YOU First, I’ve moved on to serve you in

Decisiveness – Do You Have It?

What is decisiveness? The ability to discern, instantly, and make a choice between options. A firm or unwavering adherence to one’s purpose. Powerful people are adept and usually quite good at making quick, decisive decisions. It’s a matter of honing this particular skill and being able to trust yourself fully. What is it that lets one person come to a

Persistence – Key 4 to A Wealthy Mindset

There is an art to staying in the game, keeping going, never giving up.  Why is it that some people have persistence and others don’t? Persistence is the ability to maintain actions regardless of your feelings. You press on even when you feel like quitting. There is a huge difference between motivation and persistence. When you work on any big