New Route – Planning Is Achieving



How is it that some people reach their goals and are always moving forward? You run into someone three months later and they have a new job, new car or lost 15 pounds. Just talking with them you feel the energy and can see the results of goals being met. Why does this happen for some and not for others? Is it inner drive, determination, motivation or what?

Change is ripe for me – downsizing from the big house in Minnetonka, managing a complete rehab and revamping the way I help people buy, sell and invest in real estate. I’m always available for consulting on your real estate portfolio, figuring out if the deal is right, getting started as an investor, focusing on your plan or strategizing how to grow your wealth.

First a vision. I moved at the beginning of this year and needed to fix the landscape as you approach the house. It started with a vision of bright flowers, some dogwood bushes for color in the winter and a new base of mulch rather than rock. That was my original plan. I went to the store to get supplies and bought some plants. Each day when I opened my front door, there were the plants, wilting in the buckets, suffering because my plan wasn’t clear. I didn’t have a drawing or a clue as to where I was putting each one, how many more I needed – maybe this wasn’t such a good idea to do myself.

The next day I decided to hunker down to get the job done. I got dressed to go to the health club and workout, walked out the door and decided to shovel rocks instead…a great workout. An hour and half later, using a snow shovel and pick, I had a small dent in one area and a sore body from hauling wagons full of rocks down the big hill. Ugh. Then and there I changed plans and decided to hire some kids to haul the rocks, put down the landscape cloth and new mulch, then I could plant. Yes, shifting the plan usually happens several times in business, we need to be flexible to get real results.

It felt so great to step outside and see progress every day for over a week. Though, this is where delegation came to light. I gave instructions in the morning when I left to go for appointments and when I returned, it wasn’t quite how I expected. I learned to be more specific in giving direction and to ask when I needed it fixed. Now the core work was done.

I was excited and bought more bushes and flowers. I moved them around in the buckets, reading the tags on height and width, re-positioning many times. The darn plan just wasn’t coming together, it wasn’t easy. Frustration takes a toll and many times work projects get buried under other more urgent items. That’s what happened, except every day when I opened the door, there was my problem, wilting bushes that needed planting. Buried projects don’t go away.

The next weekend I was determined to actually plant all those poor flowers and bushes. I struggled with decision making and finally asked for help from my staging friend, Emilie. If she could stage a house, she could likely stage the landscape too. What a relief to get help. If your project is stalled and you are a procrastinator, it’s likely you need some guidance or support. This is where a coach can really get things moving quickly. The sooner you ask, the quicker the project can get moving. Avoidance can take a huge toll on your energy and self-esteem.

We planted three areas in one weekend. What a relief to see some results finally. I kept the fun part of the job for me, I enjoy planting and digging in the dirt. Now, I only had to take care of the new garden with water and love. I forgot, I was going on vacation that week. Thanks to friends and neighbors all the watering got handled. Again, I had to ask for help to nourish the project and make sure it was kept alive.

A plan is how you shape the future. You figure out where you are going with the plan and then plant the seeds to make it happen. Eventually, after a few revisions you have a new future, one that is brighter and more fun. No different than planting a bush or flower as a seedling and watching it grow bigger each year in full bloom. What are you planning for your life?

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