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Powerful people are adept and usually quite good at making quick, decisive decisions. It’s a matter of honing this particular skill and being able to trust yourself fully. What is it that lets one person come to a choice faster than another?

What is decisiveness? The ability to discern, instantly, and make a choice between options. A firm or unwavering adherence to one’s purpose.

The $95,000 House – A great real estate deal you must decide immediately, right now, you only have 15 minutes. Would you buy this one?

Most likely it is not a direct knowing that whatever is decided will absolutely work out but more a forward thinking behavior that allows one to just choose. Later, when an obstacle may appear, it is just that…an obstacle.

Decisive people have the power to trust personal choices knowing they have the capability of dealing with anything that comes up around the decision. Many times, it’s as simple as another choice, just decide on the next course of action.

If you are an investor, be it real estate or stocks, decisiveness is key. Without a quick decision, the deal may not be available if you wait, especially in this quick moving low inventory market, or in the case of a stock, the option or price may change.

My Decisive Action – Sailing in the Virgin Islands

I got a text from friends to join them for a week of sailing in the islands. The dates available, were in a week! First thought, it’s cold here in Minnesota, I’m in!

Then my mind started spinning and I came up with several reasons why I couldn’t just drop everything and go. I thought about it for a day and when I responded back, someone else had taken my spot on the boat…bummer. I took too long to decide.

However, I’m persistent so asked about other dates. This time I said yes instantly and then went to work on the travel plans. It was complex, small islands to get to and so many decisions. Every night I was on the internet trying to find a great deal. So many decisions, air, ferries, cars, and I even added four days to stay extra on Tortola, but where? I headed to the library and the bookstore, research to aid my decision.

In this case, there was no room to hesitate, I had to decide NOW!

I’ll let you know about my sail as a result of this one, quick decisive action. It already is changing the course of my year. What about you – what decisive action could make a difference?

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