Interested in Real Estate Investing? Let me share my story

Interested in Real Estate

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. My dad had his own plumbing business and my mom combined freelance reporting for a radio program and being an artist. The conversation around our dinner table was about business and how you can do or have anything you want with no restrictions.  People develop traits and habits from their environment and


What are you doing to build up your nest egg?     People ask me all the time, what should I do? Is real estate the answer? The truth is, it is never just one thing.  It is diversification. I practice that today and have financial freedom. Although, that didn’t prevent a major financial setback as a result of a tough divorce–from

Faith over Fear

Have you ever felt stuck or undecided about which direction to go? Most people find themselves in situations at the junction of faith and fear often. The trouble is usually it’s the fear that is most prominent. Fear is an ugly thing. It can grow quickly, shows up in the most gruesome way, usually is rooted in our past and

Go With The Flow

Allowing support in your daily life is part of going with the flow. The flow is a universal force that can be a joyful ride or it can be dragging your feet and fighting what is happening. Which sounds easier? Floating on an inner tube that easily guides you toward the right path or skinning your knees and scraping your

25 Pound Transformation

When is the last time you tested your abilities? Found something that was intriguing, generic inviting and actually went for it? Challenges happen all the time in subtle ways. You may be asked to take on a project that is beyond your current capacity at work, or thrown that curve ball that makes you stretch way out of proportion. Life

Changing Gears

I moved…… I changed….. I’m home now! Yes, my big announcement, I’m home now to help you make big money in real estate, you now have an exclusive chance to have me represent you right here in the Twin Cities.I have made a BIG CHANGE. No more travel all the time, I’ve decided to work the territory right here at

Real Deal – Real Estate TV Interview LeAnn Riley

I was invited to be a guest speaker for Andrey Sokurec’s Real Deal TV show. Hear my story of how to grow a million dollar real estate portfolio. Tips and tricks of great real estate deals. It’s all in the mindset!