Big Shifts – Setting the Stage

Big Shifts

Things are changing in a big way – the economy, the market, our social interaction, and a new year is upon us.  I love this time of year as it’s a reflection of what has already occurred AND an opportunity to create something brand new. To leave behind what–or who–didn’t work in your life and choose to embrace what DID work and added even more to your level of satisfaction and success.

You may even catch me cleaning out files, getting rid of furniture, replacing worn out items, etc. I’m setting the stage and making room for something new, saving only what propels my business and my personal life forward.

My work as a Realtor, listing properties and finding deals for buyers, leads me through a ton of homes. Long ago I discovered there are certain things about many houses that attract prospective buyers and other characteristics that repel.

And, it’s amazing how simple it can be to solve some of the issues that keep houses from being sold. Often, it’s as simple as painting a room or re-carpeting. If someone is occupying the property it’s sometimes as easy as rearranging furniture, decluttering or updating the decor to match today’s trends.

Recently I listed a vacant home for sale. An empty house looks awful in the photos… it can look tired and small.  I told the owner we would need to stage the home, at least the main rooms and the master bedroom. In addition, he had a solarium on the home. Not many homes in MN have those and any home with an odd space like this definitely needs furniture to show the prospective buyer how to use the space. He trusted my guidance and realized that staging the home would absolutely help sell this house quicker, the solarium looked great and was now a feature that shined!

Another listing was for a fix and flip investor. I sold him a rehab project in the winter last year. He spent the next six months completely renovating the house. He added a master bedroom and bath, brand new kitchen, redid the floors and transformed that house into a beautiful updated home completely ready for a new owner. He was on a tight budget and wanted to conserve funds. I knew I could not sell that house at close to $400,000 without it being staged with furniture. I insisted, and reluctantly he agreed. After staging and professional photos, the house looked gorgeous, trendy and we got tons of prospective buyers to come walk through the home.  We did sell that house quickly and for close to the asking price. He had a successful fix and flip with a nice profit.

How people shop for homes has changed and the absolute most important factor when selling a home is the photos. Everyone is shopping online and looking at the pictures, visually placing themselves in the home. This is how they decide which homes they will actually go visit and walk through. As a seller, we need to first get people to the home and then the magic can happen.

The new year is a great time to create shifts in our lives.  Whether you’re staging your home for a sale, buying a new place, investing in real estate, or just wanting your life to improve, talk to me about your investment hopes and goals.  Together we can get you to experience the true sense of home for you and your family.


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