LeAnn Riley

Queen of Real Estate Investing Made SIMPLE

“All people at HOME in the world”, that’s her motto. LeAnn Riley is a pioneer and visionary producing expert results in any real estate capacity – buy, sell or invest. She believes in life by design and living with Real Freedom NOW.
Her specialty is to help you build an investment property portfolio, how to leverage, pick a strategy and build wealth with the key of passive income streams using the latest technology and resources. Her vast experience and negotiation expertise provides you with seasoned guidance to navigate the maze of real estate.
She built a $14 million portfolio of properties owning a diverse selection of residential, multifamily, commercial, condo development and vacation properties across several states. As a National Coach/Consultant and frequent speaker, she has taught people across the U.S. how to invest in real estate and dig up great deals.
LeAnn is an Associate Broker at Realty Group Inc, Master Certified Coach and owner of Affluence In Real Estate Investment Club for over 10 years. She enjoys deep conversation, travel and adventure.
Why not work with an expert who has personal experience in a multitude of investing formulas and smart real estate strategies?

Reach her at 612-202-5133.