Tune Up Or Lose Out

Do you take the time to develop quality relationships with forward thinking businesses or friends that can escalate your growth or do you hang out with the same old people? You are who you hang out with. Really, take a look at the five people you spend your most time with, can you learn from them, are they progressive or

Plan It Or Wing It

A plan is something you put in place to adjust – it sets intent. Believe it or not, most people operate without a well defined plan, they “wing” it, fly by the seat of their pants or rely on street smarts. For some, that works, but for most, there is a better or more successful road. Make a plan for

Big Shifts Lead to New Life

Whoa….I’m moving and changing BIG TIME and wanted to let you know the skinny on what’s up. Not just one area of my life has shifted, but ALL areas. Could be stressful, but thanks to a positive attitude and the wisdom of age, it’s all in a day’s work. HERE FOR YOU First, I’ve moved on to serve you in

Decisiveness – Do You Have It?

What is decisiveness? The ability to discern, instantly, and make a choice between options. A firm or unwavering adherence to one’s purpose. Powerful people are adept and usually quite good at making quick, decisive decisions. It’s a matter of honing this particular skill and being able to trust yourself fully. What is it that lets one person come to a

Persistence – Key 4 to A Wealthy Mindset

There is an art to staying in the game, keeping going, never giving up.  Why is it that some people have persistence and others don’t? Persistence is the ability to maintain actions regardless of your feelings. You press on even when you feel like quitting. There is a huge difference between motivation and persistence. When you work on any big

Appraising Your Value

Appraising Your Value The highest and best value is measured with an appraisal. Yes, that is what we use in real estate to value property but what about looking at our own lives and “appraising” whether we are operating at our highest and best self? Real estate appraisal, property valuation or land valuation is the process of valuing real property.

Money Habits

Most of us think that if we had a unlimited amount of money then we would be rich. And, if we were rich, we would be able to do certain things that we may not be doing right now. Things that money can buy, material items, cars, boats, trips, clothes, toys, travel, houses all over the world, etc. Maybe, we

Solutions Net Great Deals

I’ve done many a real estate deal without investing much money, it takes creativity. The market today is ripe for creative thinkers. From where do you imagine that contract for deeds and lease options generate? It takes creativity, sales and deal making that solves a sellers issues. Buyers, pay attention, all you need to do is solve the sellers problem

Go With The Flow

Allowing support in your daily life is part of going with the flow. The flow is a universal force that can be a joyful ride or it can be dragging your feet and fighting what is happening. Which sounds easier? Floating on an inner tube that easily guides you toward the right path or skinning your knees and scraping your

25 Pound Transformation

When is the last time you tested your abilities? Found something that was intriguing, generic inviting and actually went for it? Challenges happen all the time in subtle ways. You may be asked to take on a project that is beyond your current capacity at work, or thrown that curve ball that makes you stretch way out of proportion. Life