Portfolio Building Questions

When is the right time to sell or hold?
What are the market conditions?
How do I build a portfolio fast?
Where do I begin?
What type of property should I buy first?
How much money do I need to get started?
What if I just want to do passive investing?
How can I get tax benefits?
Can I use my IRA for real estate and a higher return?

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LeAnn and her team specialize in home and investment property, multifamily and development and  are ready to help you build a portfolio in real estate. We know and understand the numbers and are there to help you figure out the details and navigate the deal. This alleviates the learning curve and gets you results quicker.


LeAnn Riley has a reputation for helping people magnify profits, and step into action. She can help you build a business through investing in real estate on your way to a wealthy life. For over twenty five years she has taught people nationally how to grow a profitable real estate empire, find super deals and set up the proper systems to duplicate the passive income available from real estate.

LeAnn Riley is creator and facilitator of the Find Property NOW system helping people navigate the market and it’s changing pace, figure out how to leverage their money, relationships and to build a life by design, because they are tuned in and not tuned out. She holds you accountable for huge results!

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What’s life about? I believe it’s living a life by design with power, passion and purpose. Real estate is a means to get to a wealthy lifestyle and live with Real Freedom NOW!

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