Faith over Fear

Have you ever felt stuck or undecided about which direction to go? Most people find themselves in situations at the junction of faith and fear often. The trouble is usually it’s the fear that is most prominent.

Fear is an ugly thing. It can grow quickly, shows up in the most gruesome way, usually is rooted in our past and can entirely stop a person from growing or getting what they truly want in life. Fear keeps us stuck at what appears to be a safe place. In reality, it’s a stall to not decide or a way to avoid the unknown. Fear shrinks people and holds them back, fear is a warning brought about by our inner thoughts. Only if there truly is danger, then be careful. If there really is a tiger charging at you or some other unsafe environment, then fear is appropriate. Get out of the way.

Faith is a strong belief or trust in people, yourself or the situation. It is going ahead anyway, even in the face of fear. Faith is knowing, no matter what, that you will find a way.

Faith and Trust
Years ago, when I was divorcing it was faith that got me through creating a new plan for myself and my children. Of course, it didn’t turn out how I had hoped or predicted, but faith is what had me standing on my own two feet and just taking it day by day. In my business, I’ve traveled to new and strange destinations to coach real estate investors in their market. The first trip to New York City was scary. I imagined being lost at night in a crowd, unable to find my way. That made me fearful. With faith I faced the trip, drove the rental car, got lost…thanks to GPS I safely found the hotel and navigated the city. I’ve been back several times and now have an entirely new perspective on New York. This is what happens when we cross over our fears. Faith is what allowed me to be strong and resilient. It took thinking differently to break through the fear.

5 Tips to Faith over Fear
1.      Dare to Leap
Nothing happens if you don’t just go ahead and grab the rope. Yes, it may be scary and you are doing something you are not familiar with, leap don’t crawl. Those who actually accomplish their dreams are those who dare to leap.

2.      Identify your Fear
Give it a name. Tell someone what fear is holding you back. If you can articulate the feelings around the fear, many times, that is the holdback. It’s simply old buried feelings surfacing. Once it is spoken, then the ability to say something new is there. Move quickly through fear this way, process the old feelings and no longer harbor the fear.

3.      Do It Anyway
Sometimes, we have to just go ahead, towing our fear monster with us. Just do it, get it over with. I like to ask my clients, “What is the worst thing that can happen?” Usually this answer is something you can live with. It helps alleviate the fear.

4.      Be Authentic
You already know how to navigate in this world. You’ve been doing it all along. Quit second guessing your skills and abilities. Own who you are and what you’ve accomplished. Forge ahead and be yourself.

5.      Trust
Deep down inside there is a spot in our hearts that lights the pathway. We must learn to trust our instinct, our specific journey, our gut, that inner voice. Most fearful things are a step toward our greatness. We must trust that within the fear or unknown lays a divine that most people can barely imagine.

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