Who is Consulting For?

Personal, quick answers to your real estate portfolio or investing strategy questions. Sometimes, we can analyze a deal and I’ll point out the pitfalls, just enough for you to make a smart decision or I’ll share my connections so you can find the right resource to move forward on the deal. This is a fast way to move out of being stuck and to get confidence and knowledge to get the deal done.  Nothing kills a real estate deal quicker than procrastination especially in this market.

  • Confused about the numbers in a deal?
  • Need expertise to decide the next course of action?
  • What questions should you ask of the Seller/Buyer?
  • Solve inspection messes and move the deal forward or decide not
  • Portfolio growth and wealth development plan
  • Exit strategy planning to hang on to your wealth
  • Found a deal but can’t figure out how to structure it?


Coaching is designed to get you in action. So many people are “thinking” about real estate investing. Coaching is personal and targeted to get you focused NOW. It’s your chance to get unstuck and have a breakthrough in making money in real estate investing!

• Find the courage to get real about your plan and focus on what works
• Move forward transforming negative feelings into positive powerful actions
• Accelerate success by developing skills around deal analysis
• Sort out the confusion and identify what drives your decisions
• Maximize freedom to design a great new life with zest
• Get started on a strategy to create wealth NOW

LeAnn offers many levels of coaching for people that are building a real estate investment portfolio.  You are invited to work with LeAnn Riley as your very own personal coach and expert mentor. Call 612-305-8748 to set up a strategy session to see what might be the right level of coaching for you.

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Weekly Coaching Packages
These packages are appropriate when you want continuous support to stay in action and to be accountable for exceptional results. This is for a growing enterprise or portfolio that has changing issues and revolving deals and wants to stay ahead of the game and avoid costly mistakes. Learn from LeAnn who has done many deals from small to several million dollars. She’ll keep your mindset straight along with sharing her expertise in real estate investing.

The Truth is:

Most people need a combination of coaching and mastery in real estate investing combined to become truly wealthy quickly by building a portfolio. I have helped many people from beginners to very serious investors come up with a new perspective and get activated.

This is your money, your life, and you get to design it!

Real estate is likely the

BIGGEST investment you’ll ever make

Why not get help from an expert who will work intensely with you to grow your wealth? Time is money and quicker gets you there!