What are you doing to build up your nest egg?     People ask me all the time, what should I do? Is real estate the answer? The truth is, it is never just one thing.  It is diversification. I practice that today and have financial freedom.  NON MLS REHAB OPPORTUNITY South Mpls       Although, that didn’t prevent the


Have you ever had an agreement with someone and thought the rules and boundaries were unmistakeably clear? Then…when it was time to split the profits, or put in the money, it became sticky. In real estate deals, sticky situations happen: Suddenly, the boundaries got blurred, there was a misunderstanding or someone didn’t do what they were supposed to. Then the

How to Make Money In Real Estate

FINALLY…  The name of the sailboat I just spent a week aboard in the Virgin Islands. It takes teamwork and a smart captain to handle the ocean and its temperament. There was “rollers” (high waves) and definitely a sense of being off balance as the boat rocked to the side and I held on tight. Experience, a willingness to learn everyday and a childlike


Powerful people are adept and usually quite good at making quick, decisive decisions. It’s a matter of honing this particular skill and being able to trust yourself fully. What is it that lets one person come to a choice faster than another? What is decisiveness? The ability to discern, instantly, and make a choice between options. A firm or unwavering

The Truth About Home Buying Expectations

Peaking emotions are common in the business of real estate.  After all,  buying a house is most likely the largest financial investment made in a persons’ lifetime. What you want and expect versus what you can afford don’t always line up. Investors want to get a great deal yet must beat the competition on offers and it’s the numbers that

Minnesota Real Estate Forecast for 2016

Hot spots are Minneapolis first tier suburbs like St Louis Park and Richfield are hot, St Cloud, Duluth and keep an eye on Rochester with the Mayo Clinic’s global health initiative, an innovative economic development plan. Millenials and seniors are moving in close to transportation, there the new Green Line light rail connecting the downtowns of Minneapolis and St

Plan It Or Wing It

A plan is something you put in place to adjust – it sets intent. Believe it or not, most people operate without a well defined plan, they “wing” it, fly by the seat of their pants or rely on street smarts. For some, that works, but for most, there is a better or more successful road. Make a plan for

Big Shifts Lead to New Life

Whoa….I’m moving and changing BIG TIME and wanted to let you know the skinny on what’s up. Not just one area of my life has shifted, but ALL areas. Could be stressful, but thanks to a positive attitude and the wisdom of age, it’s all in a day’s work. HERE FOR YOU First, I’ve moved on to serve you in

Appraising Your Value

Appraising Your Value The highest and best value is measured with an appraisal. Yes, that is what we use in real estate to value property but what about looking at our own lives and “appraising” whether we are operating at our highest and best self? Real estate appraisal, property valuation or land valuation is the process of valuing real property.

Real Deal – Real Estate TV Interview LeAnn Riley

I was invited to be a guest speaker for Andrey Sokurec’s Real Deal TV show. Hear my story of how to grow a million dollar real estate portfolio. Tips and tricks of great real estate deals. It’s all in the mindset!