What are you doing to build up your nest egg?     People ask me all the time, what should I do? Is real estate the answer? The truth is, it is never just one thing.  It is diversification. I practice that today and have financial freedom.  NON MLS REHAB OPPORTUNITY South Mpls       Although, that didn’t prevent the

How to Make Money In Real Estate

FINALLY…  The name of the sailboat I just spent a week aboard in the Virgin Islands. It takes teamwork and a smart captain to handle the ocean and its temperament. There was “rollers” (high waves) and definitely a sense of being off balance as the boat rocked to the side and I held on tight. Experience, a willingness to learn everyday and a childlike

Best 100 Days

SIGNUP NOW– only free for two weeks in Sept.  Sorry you missed it. What if… could finish 2016 as a better YOU? Maybe you want to lose that 10 pounds, go on a solo travel journey, make more money, get that big deal or better job, or just quit being so snippy with your kids. We all have something we

Tracking Dance Steps

I used to own a national magazine for 20 years called DANCING USA, started it in 1980. After buying several rental properties, I decided it was time to sell the magazine. I prepared a prospectus as I was marketing the magazine for sale– incidentally – that business plan was more detailed than what I’d operated with over the years. It

Big Shifts Lead to New Life

Whoa….I’m moving and changing BIG TIME and wanted to let you know the skinny on what’s up. Not just one area of my life has shifted, but ALL areas. Could be stressful, but thanks to a positive attitude and the wisdom of age, it’s all in a day’s work. HERE FOR YOU First, I’ve moved on to serve you in

25 Pound Transformation

When is the last time you tested your abilities? Found something that was intriguing, generic inviting and actually went for it? Challenges happen all the time in subtle ways. You may be asked to take on a project that is beyond your current capacity at work, or thrown that curve ball that makes you stretch way out of proportion. Life

Changing Gears

I moved…… I changed….. I’m home now! Yes, my big announcement, I’m home now to help you make big money in real estate, you now have an exclusive chance to have me represent you right here in the Twin Cities.I have made a BIG CHANGE. No more travel all the time, I’ve decided to work the territory right here at