Best 100 Days

100-best-daysSIGNUP NOW– only free for two weeks in Sept.  Sorry you missed it.

What if… could finish 2016 as a better YOU?

Maybe you want to lose that 10 pounds, go on a solo travel journey, make more money, get that big deal or better job, or just quit being so snippy with your kids. We all have something we want to shift in our lives. But the truth is that without a huge amount of discipline and a structured, organized, time slotted plan it is never going to happen. Change takes courage and action, that’s why people hire coaches and personal trainers and take seminars and belong to mastermind groups. All this support keeps you on track and accountable. Be a better you and live up to your potential.

How would it feel if you ended the year at a new spot, more in tune, more connected, in action. I have a FREE gift that can help you get there. It’s easy and takes only a desire to have the BEST 100 DAYS of your LIFE – are you in?  Why not?  It’s a simple focal point for each day. Change your mind, change your life. Easy, peasey.  All you do is sign up here and it’s yours for FREE.

Opportunity comes along all the time, in fact, it zooms by all of us. It’s just a matter of whether you are looking for it and ready to accept what you deserve. We’ve all experienced the new car syndrome. As soon as we buy a new model, say a Volkswagen, then all of a sudden we notice tons of red Volkswagens. They never stood out before. Opportunities are the same, they are there all along, we don’t notice unless our brain is keyed up to looking. This is your chance to get on the opportunity train. Join me, I’m doing this…got several goals I am going to reach by the end of the year – you can read about them in the next post.

It’s amazing how off our personal perception can be. I recently told someone I was being lazy on the weekend. I was feeling off track. She asked, what did I do all day Saturday and Sunday. “Oh, a few hours of landscaping, organized my personal bill files, went to the hardware store for wood glue and putty to fix my couch and then met a friend for dinner. On Sunday I read for a few hours, went to church and then the state fair.” In my head I was lazy, yet in reality I was active and productive. It’s a huge difference to recognize when old thoughts are running the show. Actually, the friend laughed and said, “I’ve never known you to be lazy, you accomplish far more than most people, always.” That observation helped shift my thinking, I’m not lazy. Now I can shut off the little voice and remember I truly am powerful and productive.

Accept my gift, it’s free and easy to HAVE the best 100 days of YOUR life. All you have to do is say yes. It’s automatic and starts in a short time, exactly at day 100. Welcome and this is going to be a fun journey! A mindset shift to get you what you really want in your life and beyond.

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